About Technovole Holdings Limited

At Technovole, we value employer diversity.

Technovole is a small-scale digital transformation consultancy with its headquarters in Uganda, Africa. Since 2021, we have been assisting businesses with improving user experiences and streamlining routine operations by creating useful digital engineering solutions that are backed by the newest technologies.

As we aim to empower women, humans and society as a whole, expand access to education, and promote digital literacy, our commitment to diversity and inclusion plays a crucial role in achieving our mission.

Our leadership

Our Team

The Executive Team, led by the Founder and CEO – Bilton Mweru, is responsible for overseeing Technovole’s business operations as a whole. This includes executing a competitive strategy that fulfills our purpose, boosting financial performance, guaranteeing sound planning, and creating a varied talent pipeline.

The future is built by brilliant ideas and innovative minds working together.

Meet the kick ass team committed to helping businesses streamline daily operations and improve human experiences.

Sharifah Mulungi

Chief Executive Assistant

Bronson Bakunga

President Uganda Cluster and Group Commercial Officer

Emmanuel Mujuni

Group Technology Officer

Esther Carolyn Nabirye

Group Financial Officer

Lovely Luisa Aranel

VP Business Development and Corporate Affairs

Bonny Nicholas Ongedde

Non-Executive Director and Chief Product Officer

Raphael Obbo

Non-Executive Director and VP External Affairs

David Gonzaga

Non-Executive Director and VP of Brand

Nalule Grace Nakabuye

Lead Data Analyst and Extended Reality(XR)

Only top 1% candidates are accepted